Carmen and Alfredo Dupetit-Bernadi founded in 1989, the company dupetit Natural Products. They dedicate themselves now nearly 30 years of development of precious and exclusive natural products. These years of experience and personal dedication to 100% natural products are the foundation of this family business. Their simple and unique business concept is reflected in all its articles:

100% natural resources without any additives and compromises.

dupetit Natural Products, defeated the challenge to give nature the necessary respect and to offer its customers a unique natural product. The 100% natural masterpieces are designed through to perfection in our own manufacture with lots of love and effort. Thus own customer needs can flow into speciality product development and so we can deliver the perfect result for you and your kind of skin, for instance. Customer satisfaction is always our top priority.

Apart from an exquisite variety of natural extracts, natural flavors and natural perfumes, we have valuable experience in the production of biological food and beverages: Cannabia® , the flagship of our company and the first legal hemp-containing beverage in the world, is exported today to 16 countries. Through the years of experience with varieties of legal cannabis strains since 1996, we include since then cannabis extracts with high CBDA (Cannabidiol acid) and high CBD (Cannabidiol) to our product range.