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Our natural fragrances and cosmetic symbolize joy of life, natural beauty and comprehensive understanding of health care. Since the beginning of our manufactory 1989, we solely use pure nature for our creations. We have dedicates almost 30 years to developing precious and unique natural products, always keen on achieving customers satisfaction and respecting our own company philosophy.
With more than 25 years of experience in this field, we are proud that we can offer you our collection of valuable, organic and 100% natural perfumes and cosmetic as well as aromas and extracts today.
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Our dream came true in 1989: we settled down in the forest Odenwald in nothern Bavaria, where we found the peaceful and unaffected landscape and nature to realize our aims there: The creation of a collection of real classic natural perfumes, the very first one in Germany. In Richelbach that year we founded our perfume and aroma manufactory "dupetit Natural Products". Since then, brands as dupetit®, Flora Puraem® and Cannabis® are known in the organic scene.

Trough strict tradition and only natural ingredients, our perfumes become unique masterpieces of the nature. Every product of our company is developed without any additives - whether it be synthetics, preservatives or other fragrances - by 100% nature.


In our own family-owned manufactory all creation are developed until now in a long working process by our own and they are constantly refined. Many of the ingredients originate from our own production and have been harvested personally, as well as distilled and extracted. Today, our standards are the latest equipments for extraction, filtration and analysis of the ingredients, which ensure the greatest fineness, harmony and quality of our 100% natural compositions. Furthermore, the flacons are designed, bottled and exquisitely packaded by hand. You are welcome to visit our manufactory in consultation whenever you are traveling in the Odenwald to immerse the world of natural perfumery and cosmetic.


dupetit Natural Products has tested itself in in the production of 100% natural aromas and essential oils since 1989. After extensive work and succesful handling of different natural products, the company decided to spend time on the most valuable, but untested raw material: hemp. Since 1994 we have produced and distributed hemp products at our manufactory. Cannabis is unique effective, rich and easy to grow. From beginning we have focused on the production of high quality hemp oil and hemp extract to use in foodstuff. The long-term experiences while handling this raw material distinguish our company and our first-class products.

Since 1996 we have been concerned intensively with the difficult cultivation and the production of hemp. For almost 20 years we were allowed to implement the harvest of hemp for fibre as well as the dirstribution of officially certificated hemp seeds for farmers. Thereby, the legal gaining of hemp extract have always been top priority on a contractual basis. We execlusively produce the extract as a flavour and use it in our precious products.


Because of the missing legal protection of the definition of "nature" for perfumes and cosmetics, the term "natural perfume" can be used for all kind of perfume or cosmetical products - notwithstanding the ingredients. Therefore we decided to distinguish our 100% natural products with the respective INCI declaration to provide our customers with a transparent list of ingredients: perfume (100% natural).

INCI (International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients) is an obligatory worldwide standard for the complete listing ingredients of cosmetic and perfumes. Thereby, the ingredients "perfume" or "fragrance" can also be used. At several alleged sellers of natural perfumes and cosmetic you can find the ingredients with INCI, but after the ingredients "perfume", "fragrance" or "flavour" the addition "100% natural" is not mentioned. By leaving out the phrase "100% natural" deliberately, the mixture of the product can contain synthetic and unknown ingredients.
All of our products are 100% natural and correspond to the INCI declaration without using any additives.